My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.

It has been a sad couple of week for me as I have loss one of my best hero, Cowboy Bob Killebrew. My Paw Paw. My best friend. It went so fast all of a sudden. Not to much longer after my book was published and Thanksgiving came and went, my Paw Paw started going away very fast. A few days went where he could not move his own body anymore, and needed assistance often. Even one night, Sandye Killebrew, aka Lovey, had to call 911 to help what was once was a strong man back to his bed with two firemen who lifted him. Then we notice that both Cowboy Bob and Sandye started with the symptoms of the Covid-19, and both of them coughed endlessly. As for me as a caregiver for the last ten years, I had to help them, and not to much longer I started the minor symptoms. On Friday, I rested my body while fighting the symptoms and felt helpless how that day I could not help my grandparents.
On Saturday, was the last day that my sister, Brinkley, and I heard the last few words from Paw Paw as we said good-byes and told him we loved him and he returned with the last three words back. Sunday and Monday, he was suffering and fighting. After my mom’s birthday on Monday the 7th, the next morning, he went to heaven with Jesus Christ. I awoken up at 3:00 in the morning that day as I heard some noisy from my grandparent’s room and not to much longer I heard the sad news.
I still remember when I had awoken back in 2008 from my coma, the first thing I saw was my hero, Cowboy Bob, singing hymns to me and reading some scriptures and other books to me. My Paw Paw favorite song though that he sang to me through my childhood and during the dark times of my horse accident was, “From the Rising of the Sun to the going of the same, the name of the Lord shalt be praised.” He was the last man I saw on the day of the horse accident, the first when I was in partly in my coma, and through the years as he started to help me went the other direction where I became his hired hand and helper to him. As through my experience of being in coma before, I do believe that the person in the coma can still hear his or her loved ones, such as I had listened and saw my Paw Paw sitting next to me in the times of my troubles. The last few moments with my Paw Paw as he was fighting, I kept on telling him I loved him as my tears came through my eyes and heart, and read a few last words in the Psalms 24, 25, and 103 to him. As my Paw Paw had taken his last breath, I knew that I will see him not to much longer that will last forever in heaven with the presence of Jesus Christ. Paw Paw, you know I will miss you for all those twenty-five years that you uplifted me and made me the man I am today. You have been with me through my trials and tribulation and never walked away; you have stayed with me and my pain like the story of Job and his three friends that mocked with him. You gave me so many comforting counsel when I needed you the must, and those words will be in my heart forever. I will see you again someday and will see you next to my other loss loved ones, and we will rejoice and be glad. In Revelation 21:4 (ESV) shares to all of us that, “He (Jesus) will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”
In memory of a strong and brave Cowboy, Bob Killebrew. For my heroes have always been cowboys… and you were my best hero, best cowboy, and best friend I have ever known.

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