Be Still in This Silent Night

Originally, I was planning to take a short break from my “A Good News from Ethan Gary” during my break for Christmas and New Year’s, and then continue the next week on a devotional titled “Open Arms of Forgiveness”. But one night, my heart was being led and ministered to by the Holy Spirit a certain verse that kept on repeating in my mind.
There are some people in this season who are sad or depressed from certain events or trials that they have faced before, and do not want to be involved with a Happy and Merry Christmas. In my past, I have always enjoyed all the activities during the season of December with several birthdays in my family and the uniqueness of Christmas as we celebrated the birth of Christ. But earlier in this month, my family were all under attack with not one trial but with several trials that just kept on coming over and over again, sort of like in the movie of Rocky where the main character kept on being beating up, got back up, and then fell back again. With all of these trials that I faced at had made be nervous during these endless nights, I did not sleep because of the stress and anxiety that I had in my heart and mind. These several trials that I faced had turned this season to a very blue Christmas.
One of these nights though that I was up, my spirit was led to a certain scripture from the Holy Spirit while He was The verse that I kept on hearing spiritually from the Holy Spirit was Psalm 46:10. In Psalm 46:10a (ESV) states, “Be still, and know that I am God.” When I had first heard this in my mind I was thinking how can I even be still with everything that is happening to my life right now in this cold and hard December. But the I heard from the Holy Spirit repent the same verse again. So I listen and started to be still and meditated on this verse. It was when though when I started to “know” in this passage states “and know that I am God”. When I started with this revelation from the Holy Spirit, my heart switch and I encountered for a moment in the presence of God which all happen by being still and know that He is God.
In this season whether it being one of the best Christmas that you have ever had or it being a hard season of the past, just remember why we have this special holiday. Know in your heart the meaning of the reason for this season, Christ Jesus who came to this world as innocence, a baby in a manger that would someday be on another wooden object for both you and me. This was his ultimate “gift” on the cross. Remember that Jesus is Lord and God and be still for a moment, for what he has done for you in this season. Let your heart sing in remembrance of the old Christmas hymn “Silent Night”. Be still in this silent night of the Lord Jesus and remember his gift that he gave to you and me.
Merry Christmas to everyone and remember to be still in this season for Jesus is Lord and God.

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