The Mission of Serving

Thursday 1/20 to the next Thursday 1/27, I went on my second mission trip in the US. I headed to Wyoming with a team of students from Charis Bible College to minister to the Native Americans of Wind Reiver Reservation. The original plan for my mission trip was back in December. I had prepared myself throughout the Fall, thinking of everything that I could bring with me on the trip to give away from Bibles, Kid’s devotionals, Promises Pocket books, spiritual growth from the instructors in Charis, and several of my own “Blessings, Trials, and Miracles.” Unfortunately, my family was attacked by the spread of sickness beginning Thanksgiving with my grandparents. As I kept on serving my family, I ended with the same sickness. As for me, I quickly recovered in just a few days and would have made the December trip, but then my Paw Paw pass away two days before my trip, I knew I could not make it. The staff from Charis understood my situation and they cancelled my participating in the December trip. I thank God for the staff that were so sincere in prayer for the health and loss of my family.
When the Spring semester started, I contacted the mission department and very quickly, they assigned me to go to the same place in Wyoming with a different team. The team was heading out in just ten days, and from that I knew that God had His purpose and plans to go to Wyoming to minister to these people group.
When we got there, we were racing around from project to another project. One project was to spilt up and go to three different laundry mats. There, we would serve the Native Americans by first paying for them and we served them by taking their clothes and putting them in the washer and dryer while ministering to them. There was one elderly man that I served who showed me of the grace of Jesus Christ. Even though, I was the servant to him, it gave me a new level of seeing how Jesus had served us for a ransom price that we could not pay. I was called by one of the leaders to go and serve this man and help him unload his car. When I carried his clothes, one of the laundry mat workers came to me and told me that this man was a regular and came every week with a car full of clothes. But she also shared that this elderly man had Alzheimer’s, so hearing this gave me a very more softening of my heart to serve him. He gave me his clothes and I ask if he needed any prayer. After the prayer, he left the building with me and his clothes. I had filled up eight washing machines and five dryers of his clothes from his work clothes, towels, sheets, and even towels that I could tell he used to clean his dogs. But while doing all this, I kept on looking at what Jesus has done as a servant to you and me.
In John 13, at the Last Supper, Jesus begins to wash each of the disciples’ feet. It states, “Then he (Jesus) poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the towel that was wrapped around him” (John 13:5 ESV). I picture this while doing this and seeing what Jesus was doing as he served and remember that while he was washing them was the significance of him showing his love. “I love you, let me serve you.” I love you, let me cleanse you.” I love you, let me be your ransom for your sins.” Jesus had stated earlier that he had not come to be served but so that he could serve others (paraphrase of Matthew 20:28). As I have been called by the Holy Spirit back in 2015 to missions, this trip gave me another understanding of serving others throughout the world as I go out. If Jesus was illustrating of him being a servant, then he also wants us to be a servant to others to illustrate the Gospel and who Jesus is. So, this picture in my heart to serve this man by washing his clothes, praying for him, and showing him I love you. I finish his clothes in a few hours and we then left, I never saw him again, but it did give me a new lesson from the Holy Spirit to serve others to illustrate the love of Christ…

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  1. Beautiful testimony, Ethan. God will use your heart for Him, and being His servant in a mighty way.. Thank you for sharing.

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