Taking the Opportunity

Yesterday, was my normal routine of heading over to Woodland Park for Charis Bible College hybrid. The Hybrid schedule is almost a whole day for me. Get up, drive off at 8, arrive 45-30 minutes before school starts. Start with worship, watch one of the instructors (which today I got to see my favorite teacher Barry Bennett), lunch break, Interaction groups, final with overview till 5 pm, and then drive off and get home around 6:30.
When I went to my interactive group, I was supposed to prepare for a mini sermon of 8 minutes and follow with feedback. My sermon was based on hearing God. But little did I know that really, I would end up speaking three times! After giving my sermon, I headed back to my seat. Our leader for our interactive group notice that it was too late to give another student time to share their mini sermon, but we still had several more minutes left. He asked if I would go back to the front to share my testimony after hearing a little bit in my sermon. So, I volunteered and shared with my new instructor and several new students and when the bell rang, I heard a big applause, for another couple of minutes, there were some questions and answers. When it was finished, I passed a few business cards of my bio-book, I started heading to a bigger room for all the 2nd year students, I sat down around a few of my friends nearby felling a little tired from speaking two times. But that was not all! After all the second-year students came in, our main Saturday hybrid leader started to share a few announcements. Then she started telling of a couple of other mission trips coming up soon and then she shared that I had just arrived from my mission trip with the day school team, and she asked me if I could come over to share for few minutes. Once again, I got up and went to the front and shared about the mission with the day team with my 2nd year Saturday hybrid school. And at the end when I was finished I got a couple of hugs after my testimony.
It can be funny how God will work in our lives when we are not expecting it. Especially when we are to move out of our “comfort zone”. Yes, I will say that in the end of the day, I went to bed early, but I was thrilled and blessed of God wanting me to speech to others. Are you ready for these times that God will want you ready for action in His plans and purpose for you? Are you nervous, maybe a little fearful to do the things God wants you to do? Do not be afraid but to be encouraged because the Holy Spirit that will guide and lead you for the purposes that God has for you! “In God, whose word I praise, in the Lord, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid. What can man do to me?”
Psalm‬ ‭56:10-11‬ ‭ESV‬‬. As for me, the two after the first one came not from me but from the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me. And He lives inside of you as well! Go and take the opportunities while those doors are still open for you. Follow the directions and plans that God has for you and you will be amazed.

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