Teamwork in Fellowship

This afternoon I am invited to my small group for fellowship together with several friends in Christ and watch the super bowl. I am not too much into sports on television with all the things I been doing. I may not know the players in the teams or have a side on who will win, but why am I even going? For fellowship with my brothers and sisters of Christ. In my past I have been to other games with friends or even played a few different kinds of sports from football to basketball, and the most part to me is the fellowship with my friends or my “team”. Not too much longer before my horse accident, I was staying with my grandparents, and we went over to my dear friend house Mama Pat. While Lovey and Mam Pat were visiting, several of Mama Pat’s grandchildren were outside playing football and I went to join them. As for me and another kid being the oldest, we were nominated to be the leaders. I can remember all the excited there was with laughter and joy. Even though, I did not know too much, some of the other kids thought that I was a pro as we went through the game. No one could tackle me down. But the most important part was our fellowship and being together. We helped one another as we planned of what to do with our opponents. We encouraged and built up one another… even to the other team. As the Apostle Paul stated, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing” (1 Thessalonians 5:11, ESV). Fellowship is valuable as we grow one another to the body of Christ. Have you had any one close to you being down or stressed? Or have a friend having some difficulty? Or even yourself not sure what to do through time and circumstances in your life? This is where being in fellowship with each other will help grow together and expand to the kingdom of God. Encourage one another and who know if the same will also happen to you. So, let the body of Christ be ready through the fellowship and as a team, let us play ball!

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