It is interesting of how small this world is of how people are connected to somebody else. During the week, I have listened to many pastors and teachers while I work out for a few hours, and it always makes me smile when I hear one pastor speak about another person that I listen too. After all these years, I have found every one of my pastors are connected in some way to each other. For instance, I have listened to Andrew Wommack’s teachings as well as to Perry Stone. Even though, I have never found any connection to each other, they both have friends/peers that both of them have that are related. Though each has their own schools from Charis Bible College and ISOW, both have shared with guest speakers from Creflo Dollar, David Barton, and Rick Renner. I recently heard that really this world is smaller than we really think. Research have studied on a project called “Small World theory”, which is based on even though two strangers will pass are only separated by a six-degrees which means that some way, they are connected to everyone in the world by only five people.
As for me after one experience that I had, I do believe this world is smaller, and in some way, there are connections with other people knowing each other. Back in the end of Christmas of 2018 and the beginning of the New Years of 2019, I had traveled back to Canadian, Texas with my grandparents. One evening I went over to visit with my sweet friend Betty. We had a wonderful time just visiting. I gave her a late Christmas present to her that was a jigsaw puzzle of New York. We opened that box and started connecting. Then we begin playing games Uno and Phrase Ten while visiting. We were laughing so hard with are silly jokes, but then something changed my mood. I had asked Betty about her Christmas and how it was. After a little bit through the conversation, she shared that she had several far distance friends that had sent her some cards, and one had sort of surprise me… She grabbed one and it was a Christmas card with a picture from the same “bucket girl” (which I described more in my book) that had crushed my heart. I went from a cheerful, talking boy to a complete silence. All of sudden, the memories came back to me. Flashbacks popped in my heart of sweet and bitterness. I had never told Betty of this certain past before, so she did not know. Betty started telling story after story of how they knew each other before she moved out. Betty and her husband used to stop by the Bucket with the same waitress of my dreams. But then Betty notice of my quick change of my face and stop talking. She was worried about me and ask if I was ok. I made an excuse that I was “just” tired, and after we finished are game, I leave. Fortunately, the next morning I repented to God for my actions and have grown in this area.
It can be shocking how quickly we can be changed either it being the actions of our emotions, the weaknesses that we have inside of our Achilles’ heel, or a reminded of sorrows from our pasts. We can be like Peter the double minder where for one second, he had made the promise to Jesus that he would not leave him, and the next where he denied him to others. This is where Jesus had told us not to have “two-masters”. We are not to have the spirit of love and the spirit of fear. They do not mix well! When these types of things happen, we have a choice, the choice of follow Jesus or the world, the choice of light or of darkness, the choice of having the spirit of love or in fear. These are the things that we must react as we claim to be as Christians… we must follow the paths that will walk with God and His kingdom. The Apostle Paul had stated, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7 NLT). You know that even though such as Peter who was a double minded, Thomas who was a doubter, and Paul who once hated Christians changed completely and surrendered to the Lord with a whole heart and became legacies of our Faith Fathers. They had growth closer on their part to God. As for me and my experience, every day I am moving even more closer myself to God. Are you going to still be a carnal Christian with double-minded standard? Or are you going to move closer to your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

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