The End of an Era

Last week was finals for Grand Canyon University, and during this week I will be reviewing and then I will complete this course and finish this undergraduate program. I still have about two months to finish my Charis Bible College and then apply for my third year in their next program on global training, it is the end of my era with GCU completing a bachelor of Christian Study with Global Ministry. The end of one era brings a new beginning of the next steps of our lives. Along with my plans to pursue my 3rd year at Charis, also I have been offered a mission’s journey. And when this week is over with GCU, my agent and I have our book/publicity plans.
Did you know that there was a time in between of Paul conversion to Christ until he started his ministry. After his conversion he went away to the Arabian desert for about three years of studying and learning from God. God was preparing him to be equipped for his ministry. Who knows how it would have gone if Paul just went immediately to his ministry without preparation. Many other biblical heroes in their time of their calling, their time of “preparation”, and their time of fulfilling their calling. Moses waited for 40 years in the desert before that he started knowing how to help the Israelites a long wait until he really started to help them escape Egypt. Joseph had his vision from his dreams. In his dreams, there was a time of his preparation before he fulfilled these dreams in his 30’s. Joseph saved many people and nations from the drought. David had a similar situation from the time he was anointed by Samuel when he was just a shepherd boy until he became the king of Israel. As for me, I had my calling into the ministry back in 2015. God instructed me to go forth to share my testimony and the Gospel to many people, yet I knew that there would be a season in between my calling to my ministry that would be my preparation. Looking back there have been so many things that I didn’t know back then when I had my calling, and I am thankful that I had chosen to prepare myself with the Word of God. Without this time of preparation, who knows if I would have even written “Blessings, Trials, and Miracles”, spoken several times of my testimony, learned so much more from the Word, and made so many more connections with people that have become my friends. Now is the time of the end of the era of my preparation and the beginning of my next steps of my ministry.
Are you in one of these seasons? Maybe you are in the era of your preparation? Enjoy this time that you are preparing and studying with the Lord. Be in fellowship with Him as He will grow what He has for you! Wait for His perfect timing. For there is a time of sowing the seed, the time of waiting for the seed to grow and product, and the time of the harvest. Who knows what God is preparing in your heart for your future…

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