The Shield of the Lord

“Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.”- Ephesians 6:11, ESV

Last Friday, I had a lot of things to do. In the morning, I listened to two lessons from Charis Bible College. Then I worked out for a few hours for my back and chest. After that was over, I quickly did a Charis quiz and got another A. In the evening I had two events to attend. The first one was a young adult group and the topic for that day was based on our own testimonies. I waited till the end and briefly shared my testimony with a few people that encouraged me to share and wanted to hear in person instead of from my book. After we were done sharing with each other testimonies, I left to my second event to hear from a great friend of my named Herbert Johnson, and his event was very special following other events we had with his sermons… this time it was moved by the power of the Holy Spirit and His direction instead. It was a long day with all of the things that I had to do and even more of a challenge as I had fasted all day.

When the service was close to being finished and it being a little bit later then it was planning to end, I chose to drive back home to rest for the next day at Charis Bible College all day. I hopped into my Jeep and drove off through the night. As I started driving, I felt a little tired, but I kept focus on the roads of Colorado Springs. Even though I was tired I notice the presence of the Lord. There was even a moment that I thought there was a hand touching my right shoulder. As I kept on driving, all of a sudden, a car came right at me and almost t-boned me from passing through his stop sign. It barely missed a few other cars going my opposite direction, and would have it me on my side. Fortunately there was no other cars around me as I responded and moved to the middle of my lane while honking my horn at this other car it barely missed hitting me by just a second…. Other than my quick reflects, I knew that I was delivered from this accident by the protection of the Lord! Throughout of the rest of my drive, I kept on praying and praising God for rescuing me and turn on worship music to thank Him!

Psalm 28:7 (ESV) shares, “The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him”. We must remember that our Lord and Almighty God is not only help us in our offense by giving us strength against our enemies in the spiritual and physical realms, but He is also our defender, and he knows how to protect, provide, and deliver us. He will protect us from the snares of the devil and his arrows by the shield of Faith. He will deliver us from the hands of the circumstances of this fallen world. He is our shepherd that cares for His sheep… and He will do anything to guard them from the bad wolves, bears, and lions. Trust in the Lord today that He is your strength as well as your shield, and will protect you by “faith” from the schemes of the Enemy.

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