The Goodness of God

“The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.” Psalm 145:9 ESV
Today at church was a guest speaker. He had a wonderful message that is basic but needed for all of us to remember as believers in Christ. The main sermon was of the goodness of God. It was tough, as he shared of a story of trial that he had went through. He compared it to situations of our lives when we go through trials and pain. Even though, we might go through trials in seasons and time, we must remember of the goodness of God. For our God who is our Lord and Savior is a good God and Father to His children. There might be in a season where we might have the questions pf “Why”? Why did this happen? Why is my finances failing me? Why did that have to happen through my relationship? Why is my heart broken? Why does this persecution had to come to me? Why God?
In my introduction, I have pointed several areas why these things can happen. Some can be by the trials of sin. Others can be notice that it was from the destruction of the devil. As well, others come from a fallen world that was captured by sin nature that has caused “natural” disasters. Many times comes from mankind that can lie, rejected, and even betray another person. But also, trials can come from our own fault and our dumb selfishness that can cause circumstances to happen. Yet I have never blamed the trials on God Himself. For He is a good, good Father. We may have experienced in our mind the questions of “why” to God… Even I have had these moments. But we must be faithful to remember of His goodness. For God is good ALL the time, and ALL the time God is good. When we are in some kind of suffering… remember of His Goodness and praise His Holy Name. When trials come to pass in your life, remember that God is so, so good. When in persecution comes to pass. Remember how GREAT our Father is… like the time that Paul and Silas were in prison. Were they whining and complaining of being in prison? No! They were up all night praising and thanking God of His Goodness. When we think that we are having a bad day… remember that Jesus had the worst day ever in history as he died on the cross for you and me.
For though we may walk into the shadow of death… God is by your side because He is ALWAYS with you. Trials may come, yet remember that our Heavenly Father is taking care of His children. He is the Master that take care of His servants. The Shepherd that watches over His sheep. And the King that rules over and provides for His citizens. Even though, we may weep through the night… but there is joy in the morning (paraphrase of Psalm 30:5) that comes from the goodness of God.

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