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I apologize that it has been awhile since I have written on my devotion page on my website. During May, there were many things that happened. In the beginning of the month was my last day of 2nd year at Charis on Saturday. The next weekend was my graduation. Then came my 14th life anniversary from my horse accident. And last, during the past few days, my family and I went to Texas for my Paw Paw’s not only his funeral but also on the day that we booked the service was on his birthday (he would have been 78 years old). It was an insane and busy month.
The last day at Charis was very restful as we got to worship, hear a wonderful message of the end of the school year with Carrie Pickett, and the staff made sure to treat all of us wonderfully for a huge and tasty lunch of chicken and salad, which was perfect for me and my keto diet! After lunch though, our Saturday hybrid director started giving certain awards to the Saturday students. It was cute and funny as these awards were like the Dundie’s from The Office. The director started with the cutest couple, then to the most leader, then to the most helpful to others, and so forth. But then the director shouted to the one who always smiles goes to Ethan Gary ‘Mr. Smile’. As always, my smile came up before I got up from my chair and several classmates stop me to shake my hand, and then thanked the director and gave a huge smile to the camera. Not only do I have my three degrees of my bachelor’s of Christian studies with global ministry, Charis Bible College associates of biblical studies, and my license to preach the gospel certification, but my other certificated paper signed by Andrew Wommack is “Mr. Smile”.
As time went by so quickly, on the night of my life anniversary (May 22), I invited a few friends over for a lovely dinner of brisket, sausages, a cheese tray, and many other snacks. One of my friends while he was leaving and gave me a hug and saying goodbye to me and my mom. He shared how I was an encourage who always smiles and fights the good fight as the Apostle Paul stated. My mom pointed that there were times in my life, and I knew which times she was pointing to, that once I was depressed, another full of anxiety, other times of frustration and hardships right after the horse accident, and many times that I had been sorrowful for a time or season but each time I had ‘overcome’ them all. From this has grown with the victory of Christ who has made me a conqueror. The smiles are not my own but through Jesus who delivered me and made me stronger than ever. As Obi-wan had stated to Darth Vader that he could not win either way because if he killed Obi, he would be more powerful than ever. As well, Paul stated, “That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10). Indeed, I have finished my own race… and can run over and over again with my helper that builds me up with His strength. Devil has tried many times to defeat me but he keeps on failing. I have times of hardships, troubles, and sorrows but these things are nothing to compare to my future with Christ nor right now as I have been an “overcomer” with Christ that gives me the hope to smile. This is important for all of us to keep on looking at Jesus with our smile to be high. We need to not turn to the side like Peter did when he was walking on water that gave him some doubt and lose his focus on Christ. Or not turn to our left or right but go straight forward to the kingdom of God and away from evil (paraphrase from Proverbs 4:27, 25). If we turn our head back to our past it might freeze us back like Lot’s wife who turned into salt, and that is why we cast our cares away to Christ and keep on walking focused on his footsteps. Yes, during this week was hard and grieve came in remembrance of my Paw Paw, but I remembered that I will see him again someday, and I focused on the good times I had with him. Keep your faith up with a smile as you keep on walking to your finish line with Christ.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your Paw Paw. I know you were close. I am glad that you are an overcomer in Christ and had a good graduation experience and birthday! Praise God and keep smiling!

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