Faith to Move Mountains

He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20 ESV
On Saturday, my young adult group from church were looking for an activity and adventure to do together. Every month, during the 1st and 3rd week, was our fellowship and Bible study. For the beginning of summer we studied at first a discussion title called “how to fail successful” and next gathering was “how to win successfully”. But every second week, our group would think of something fun to do together. When we first started last year summer, there were some hiking. During the winter, we had some game or movie night. But as it got warmer, my group wanted to do a couple more hikes to walk on. My leader had titled our church group as “The Incline young adults”. So this Saturday, he had the idea for the Incline group to climb the Manitou hike called the “Incline”. This hiking trail is all steps to the top of the mountain… and some of these steps are quite higher than others that are a leap of faith up!
This was my first time ever to go to the top of the Incline. Through the years, some of my friends had suggested me to walk on it, but time just pass by and never done it before. I had climb up mountains before of the hikes at Breckenridge and other trails at the Air Force Academy. And I have challenged myself at the gym with a 40-pound vest to walk on the “step master” that looks like an escalator for an hour. But the Incline that I climbed was a higher and intense level than any cardio that I have ever done before. There were many breaks we took as my group got higher on this mountain. But to tell you the trust, I did not think I would make it all the way to the top after passing two thirds up there.
But then my leader encouraged me of how amazed he was as a “walking miracle” that made it that far. There was another person next to me that did not heard my testimony. So on our next break point, she ask me of my testimony, and I shared it with her. Then it encouraged me while sharing my testimony to keep on going for I was once being declared by the doctors as a paralyzed boy at age 12 after the horse accident to me taking baby steps in the hospital and now me walking on the mountain steps on the Incline. It was by faith in the Lord that I believed back then I would walk again. And by faith, every step is by the Lord who gives me strength to move and “walk” on mountains. Earlier the same person I shared my testimony shared that she heard a recent teaching by Barry Bennett (my favorite teacher) had mention that every day after he fought a battle that each step he takes, every breath he breathe, every morning he wake up, is by faith with the Lord. Keep encouraged my friend that by faith you can move mountains or problem out of your way and focus on the glory of Christ. Cast your cares to Him and He will lift them up that will set you free. Be strong in the Lord for He is your strength when you are weak, and he will give you increase and power. Keep on going to the finish line and you will be satisfied for your accomplishment. Like me completing the Incline all the way to the top. Keep your faith in Him. Who knows which mountain problem will be removed from you!

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  1. Amen! One step at a time. Praise God! I have never done the incline, but I hear it is pretty tough. I’m glad that you were able to persevere and make it. You continue to inspire in your walk of faith with God!

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